Keep information in memory on ChatGPT

  • 16 March 2023
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Good morning.

I have a question about using the ChatGPT integration and what it can do for me. My goal is to recreate the fine-tuning process on my own using ChatGPT, until I can take advantage of the OpenAI integration with fine-tuning.

I noticed the Memory Key field in the settings and thought it might be used as constant information for ChatGPT to consider (a type of on-the-go fine-tuning). However, this isn't the case.

Here's what I need: for ChatGPT to remember a set of basic information during each step of my Zap, much like it does during live chats. This would help me obtain more precise answers. I could include this information in the prompt each time, as I'm already doing with the OpenAI integration, but this would use up tokens and fragment the request with many different prompts.

Can you tell me how I can achieve this goal? And, more importantly, could you explain the real difference between ChatGPT and OpenAI integrations?

Thank you very much for your help.

2 replies

To use ChatGPT to generate text for fine-tuning, you can provide it with a prompt or seed text and have it generate additional text based on that input. You can then use this generated text as part of your training data, along with other text sources such as books, articles, and other online content.

Once you have your training data, you can use transfer learning techniques to fine-tune a language model on that data. Fine-tuning is the process of taking a pre-trained language model and updating its weights on a smaller, domain-specific dataset to improve its performance on that particular domain.

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Hi @LucaRe 

I see that you’re already working with one of our Support Specialists on this.

I would recommend to continue working with them as they can check the concern further.

Thanks! 😊