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I am thinking of setting up Zapier for ticketing in slack. We already use Slack and manually log the tickets into Jira.

What I am looking for specifically is a read-only channel in Slack where there is a message from a bot saying “Click here to raise a ticket” or “react with (emoji) to raise a ticket” and then upon one of these actions, the user is prompted to fill in a form to open a ticket. Ideally this then goes into Jira.

What I don’t want is one of our support staff to have to manually click on reaction emoji to someone’s message in help desk channel in Slack to then log something.

This looks like it is possible with Zapier, upon ‘create request in Jira Service Management’ you will see in the image that I am forced to put something in the Summary box and other boxes. I want the user to input this! Not me but I cannot continue without writing something in the box. 

Essentially I want a Zap where:

  1. User clicks on reaction 
  2. User fills in what the issue is
  3. Creates the ticket for us to see in Jira

If anyone knows how, would be greatly appreciated…


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Hi there @smoore,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I wouldn’t anticipate this being a problem!

Here is how I see the Zap for the workflow that you have in mind:

  1. Trigger: Slack (New Reaction Added)
  2. Action: Jira Service Mangement (Create Request)
  3. Action: Jira Software Cloud/Server (Create Issue)

Would this help you out? Please let me know if you need more information or details regarding the suggested workflow.

Keep us posted! 😊

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The error is I cannot move forward with the action due to ‘required’ field. This is a field we use ourselves in Jira and dont want removed but what do we do now then for the user? 

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Can the user not specify themselves whether they want IT help… request hardware.. request software .. report something broken etc and put their summary in themselves?

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@smoore Hey there, hopping in to see if I can help out! I’m a little unclear on the error as my interpretation is that the “Site” field you are using will not show to the user on Slack. Am I correct in this logic? Are you able to provide a screenshot on what the user sees when this Zap is set up? That may provide a little clarity on the situation so I can assist you better. Looking forward to your response and getting this up and running! 

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I will set it up and test. Thanks!


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Hi @smoore,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. If you encounter any obstacles during your testing, kindly let us know. We’re happy to help further! 😊

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Hi I am on the second step in set up. 2. Create Request in Jira Service Management, when I click’ Test Action’ it says the below.


Failed to create a request in Jira Service Management

Jira Service Desk is not available, please try again later (response status 400)


I have tried the troubleshooting.



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Hi @smoore,

I did some digging into this, and it seems like a few other users have run into a similar issue with these types of errors. Based on our notes, here are the possible fixes for this error:

  1. From the user:

    “The issue was JIRA had a required field of a date and time, but for some reason that wasn't showing up in the Zapier configuration page so there was no way to configure that. I made the date/time not required and it worked.”

  2. This could also be down to the information in the 'Summary' field. That can only contain up to 255 characters by default.
  3. One user encountered the issue with the Label field. They couldn't disable the label at the request type level. So they did the following and were successful:

    "I created a new Request Type in JIRA for and added a hidden label. Changed the type in the Zapier JIRA section and it worked!"

Could you please have a look at those mentioned lists of fixes for the error?

Thanks! 😊

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The date is set as not required by default. The summary box I had just put “summary” for testing. We use labels and they are mandatory for us. 

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Hey @smoore! 👋

Sam here, hopping in to see if I can help with this. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂

Hmm, it could be that the error is being caused by a validation issue on one of the fields. We sometimes see issues for dropdown fields like the WFH/Office field for example, where a name for the option is added as a custom value. Usually for those types of fields you’ll need to supply an ID number for the option, rather than the option’s name. Do you think that could be the cause of the error here? If so, you can find out more about how to use custom values here: Add custom values to dropdown menu fields in Zaps

That said, looking at the requirements you mentioned in your initial post I’m a little confused as to where the user who adds the reacji is being presented with a form to capture the necessary information. Are you wanting that form to be presented to them directly in Slack?

If so, you’d want to use Slack’s workflow builder to send the user who adds the reacji a custom Slack form to fill out. Then you’d use the information that’s captured by the form to create the Jira Issue using a Zap. We’ve got a guide on how to Use Slack Workflow Builder with Zapier which you might find useful in setting that up.

Keen to make sure you’re all set here so please do keep us in the loop on how it goes! 

I’m experiencing the same issue. Our workflow is very similar except instead of an emoji, users submit a form built in Slack Workflow builder and then I’m trying to map those answer to the Jira Service Management ticket.  I made a Lookup table to replace user fields with ID numbers for the dropdown but the issue persists. I also checked for any label, date/time required or summary too long issues but no luck. Can you please advise?



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Hi @Zealot! 👋 

So sorry to hear that you’re also running into that “Jira Service Desk is not available, please try again later (response status 400)” error. 

I noticed that you’ve reached out to our Support Team who were able to identify that there was a required fields in your Jira account that were required but weren’t one of the supported field types. This appears to be what caused the error in your case and they added you to a feature request to have additional field types supported in Jira.

The Support Team suggested the workaround of changing the field type in Jira to one of those the types that are supported (String, Single select (single values), Multi select (multiple values), Radio button, Checkbox). But for cases where it’s a field that you cannot change the type of a required field, they also suggested trying the following:

“since you cannot change the What is your question or general request? field, Is it possible on the Jira side to make a mirrored field for this item, that falls in the group of field types we can bring across?”

Not sure how possible that is to do within Jira but thought I’d share it here too in case it’s possible! 🙂

@smoore - can you please confirm whether you also have a required field in Jira that isn’t one of the supported types - String, Single select (single values), Multi select (multiple values), Radio button, Checkbox. Let me know if that’s the case for you too, and we’ll get your vote added to the feature request as well.