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Jira Cloud: Use custom fields when selecting project

  • 19 May 2020
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Hi, I want to setup a create issue zaps with value from google sheet. The issues should be created in multiple projects so I want to use custom field for that. Now I’m wondering, what is the value supposed to be for that? 

I tried JIRA project key, it didn’t work. I also see that in Project list dropdown provided by Zapier, there’s a number for each project, but it also didn’t work when I use that number in custom field. The error I received is 

Unable to create issue: {"project":"project is required"}



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6 replies

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Hi @afik!

I just tested this myself and here’s what I found:

  • if I typed the custom value into the Project box, I’m able to see the fields (like summary, description, etc)
  • if I map a field from a previous step there, I'm no longer able to see those fields

So there’s a bit of a workaround. 

  1. Choose a project from the dropdown, then map all of the fields that you need
  2. Once that’s done, choose Custom Value for the Project field and map the Google Sheets column that will contain the Project ID
  3. You’ll see a message along the lines of this:
  4. If you test this step, you should see that the issue is created in Jira
  5. Turn the Zap and moving forward, it should recognize the Project ID from Google Sheets

Just to confirm: is this where you’re seeing the ID for the project, then that’s what you’re using:


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Hi @nicksimard. Yes, that was the project ID that I use.

I just tried your suggestion and it works, thanks! Was planning to try javascript code and calling Atlassian API on my own, lol.

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Hi @nicksimard, another issue. When I tried with the method above if the custom project is different from the initial project that I use to map the fields, the action didn’t work. In my case, the error says

 {"reporter":"Field 'reporter' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown."}. 

I’m pretty sure that reporter value that I use works when I pick the project manually from the dropdown.

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Hi @afik it sounds like the Support Team will need to take a closer look at your Zap to understand what’s happening here. I've escalated this to the Support team and someone will be touch via email to help you with it as soon as possible. 

I exactly looking for the same. But, when I change the project name via Google sheet, I am getting the error as below - Cannot read property 'issuetypes' of undefined

NOTE: I tried to pull the issue type as well from Gsheet, but I am getting the error in both the cases( from sheet and also from the existing value dropdown). 

Any idea or anyone faced this problem?

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Hi @Vetrivel P, in my case if I pick project value from the dropdown I didn’t receive any issue. So what I did is I pick any project from the dropdown first, pre-refill the fields as I need and then I change the project id value using a custom value from the sheet.


Hope it helps