Issues with Shipstation Creating Orders in Cancelled Status with Order Dates in the Past

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The Shipstation step to create the order in autopilot says successful but in the two most recent runs it creates the order with a status of "cancelled" and an order date in the past. I cannot find any evidence of this order in Shipstation either.


I have included pictures of how the Zap is set up and a screenshot of the output of the shipstation order creation step.


I have also included a previous run (Selection_055.png) that worked correctly with the exact same set up. I did not change anything but now this step is acting up.

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Hi @tpretori,


In the set up action for ShipStation, your order date is “tomorrow at noon” which is incorrect, you need to give it a valid date. 



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According to the link above syntax like “tomorrow at noon” should work


I have tried “today at noon” and using ISO datetime values e.g. 2020-10-26T16:56 none of which work


As mentioned above the Shipstation action was working previously and now seems to have stopped.


When it was working “today at noon” worked to create the order successfully.

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Hey @tpretori!

As you mention, technically, what you’ve got there should work (reference here).


If an ISO datetime value is also not working, you’ll probably want to contact our Support team so they can look into that for you.