Issues with Google Sheets at Zapier

  • 7 September 2021
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Hey everyone. So i’m currently using zapier with Squarespace to transfer our lead information to Google Sheets. When someone fills in our online consult form, their data gets stored on a google sheet so it can be analysed.

I’m having an issue in google sheets where when zapier adds a new row to allow for the new information, its actually altering formulas on another sheet which breaks the system. When a new lead comes in, I want that information to be stored on the leads list but then also be represented on a corresponding ‘month sheet’ so we can see a further breakdown.

I’m using a =FILTER formula to make this happen which works fine when i manually add a new lead to the lead list, when zapier pulls the information in for me it adds 1 to the cell numbers in the formulas which screws it up.


Does anyone have any ideas? This is the last piece to make this work.


Many thanks.


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1 reply

This has been resolved now.