Issue with 'Setting up action' step in airtable to convertkit zap

  • 17 February 2023
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This is my first time using Zapier. I’m currently trying to connect Airtable to Convertkit, with a goal of having a tag be added every time someone fills out an Airtable form. Everything checks out until I get to the ‘Set up action’ step (see photo). Data appears when I go to fill out the ‘*Email’ section, but there isn’t a blank email option. There is an email option, but it already has my email auto filled in, and I don’t think that will work?

I’m not exactly sure what I type of data I should be looking for? Or how to get it to show up? I’m assuming it’s the ‘email’ data entry I should be collecting, so that then the proper Convertkit tag can be added?

Any advice would be welcome. Thank you. 

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2 replies

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Hi @The Unexpected Shape Academy 

Good question.

You need to map the dynamic variable that represents the email value using the ‘Custom’ option.

Then test and review the results.

Try turning the Zap ON and testing more, then check the Zap Runs to see the DATA IN/OUT to help you better understand the data flow:

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Heya @The Unexpected Shape Academy! Thanks for reaching out in community!

I wanted to pop by and see if you were able to get this rolling? Keep us posted if you have any further q’s! We’d love to help. 🤗