Issue with Create Person in Swapcard zap

  • 19 June 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi there, I’ve built a Create Person zap to connect AirTable with a Swapcard account, using it to export attendee data from an AirTable base. All the data is coming through as expected with the exception of the Photo URL field which doesn’t manage to export over the attendee’s headshot.

I’ve checked that the images match the Swapcard spec (200x200px and <1MB in size) but struggling to work out what the issue is.

Has anyone else used this zap successfully including getting headshots in?


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2 replies

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Hello! Is the zap throwing an error of some kind that you could point us to? 

Could it perhaps be an issue with the URL you are using?

If you’ve got a screenshot of the page after you send a test, that might help us determine if the headshot is being sent!


The Zap doesn’t throw me any error, see below: 

All other data is flowing through as expected. My suspicion is this isn’t actually an error with the Zap but more an issue with Swapcard not liking the URL for the image being sent. I’ve tried using each of these possible variations that come from the AirTable data but none of them do the trick:

I’ve got a support case running with Swapcard but so far they have been telling me to make sure the image meets their specs (which they do).