Is there way to change interval of update time?

  • 11 November 2021
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I made zap which backup new uploaded/modyfied files from Google Drive to Dropbox. The problem is that there are a lot of google sheets and documents I work on, so every Update Time Zapier recognizes that the file was modyfied (google automatically saves the file when modify), triggers and run my zap and copy that file to my dropbox.

In professional plan it happens every 2 minutes. It is not neccessary and it will make me run out of tasks very quickly.

I tried to first set Schedule by Zapier and set to trigger everyday, but then there is no way to perform action for new uploaded files.

Ideal will be condition like this - every hour/day check if new file was uploaded and if so, run task.

Now better for me is Starter Plan or even Free Plan which runs every 15 minutes.

Is there any solution to set update time to the specific zap?

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4 replies

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Hey @drozumek ,


You should use Filters by Zapier and create your own condition in this filter. This filter will make sure the zap will not proceed after the filter.


You can read more here


Hi, but by using the filter Zapier will count this as a task. So still it will drain my out of task very quickly.

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Hi @drozumek,


You can build the Zap with first or second action as Filter by Zapier. For Filter by Zapier action, a task will be counted only when filter matches. If the filter action does not match, than your task will not be counted for this action.

You can read here more -

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Hi @drozumek 

The best but advanced way to achieve what you’re trying to do would be to leverage the GDrive API:


App APIs can be used in Zap steps via the Webhooks app or a Code step.