Is there a way to turn off a Zap with a trigger?

  • 19 December 2021
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I am in the process of building out an automation sales funnel for a client and lately have been feeling like I'm in funnel hell! Seemingly endless options and none that quite do all the things I need them to. I finally decided to build something out from scratch relying heavily on Trello and Zapier that would work for my client's purposes.


I am attempting to use a sequence of delayed Amazon SES emails within a zap to act as a very manual drip campaign. The only problem is that I don't know how to stop the sequence if somebody moves onwards to the next step.


So my question is…. Is there a way to use a trigger or some other method to turn OFF an extended zap that is in-process?


Thanks in advance!

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8 replies

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Hi @Moonraker 

Check out the Zapier Manger app:


Troy, thank you so much for the super prompt response! I am thrilled to discover this! Looking forward to digging in later tonight.

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It’s probably better practice to log the activities in a GSheet or Airtable Base to function as an operational database, then check against that to determine if the next step should happen.

GSheets - Lookup Row

Airtable - Find Row

Troy, I will have to look into your second suggestion as from the looks of it, the Zapier Manager will allow me to turn off the zap entirely, which in this case is not what I am hoping to do. I am really trying to cut short the process of running one instance of the Zap without it shutting down for all other potential runs of it.

Is there a resource to learn more about the operational database as you explained it? I am in the process of building out a GSheet for this client for some other purposes anyway, so perhaps I can add another sheet to it to tie this in together.

Thanks again!

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Concept of an operational database is to log and update records to check against for logic purposes.

For example, 1 record per contact.

Each contact can have associated data points in the row to indicate different values/statuses.

These values/statuses would be checked against each time to determine if the Zap should continue or filter out.

You’d follow each of the Zap check steps with a Filter step:

To make sure I understand you correctly, here’s a simple example:

I’m running a drip campaign built into a Zap designed to push somebody towards the action of paying a deposit for my client’s services,

A column in the GSheet would be used to store the status of this particular deposit action that could simple say Yes or No depending on whether or not they have fulfilled their deposit.

In my Zap sequence, there would be a filter step before each email step to check this column.

If the field for payment was No, the next email would send

If the field was marked Yes, the next email would not send, nor would any subsequent emails.


Question: Is it possible to shut down the zap instance and not run any subsequent steps when the filter circumstances are not met? or would it continue to run in the background checking each subsequent filter step over the course of, say, 2 weeks or so for this drip campaign, registering the “Yes, therefore don’t send an email”, each time? 

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Zap logic would look like this for each check/filter/send.


Action: GSheets - Lookup Row

Action: Filter:

Action: Gmail - Send Email


It’s up to you to decide and design the desired Zap logic.

Excellent, thanks again. I really appreciate your time and expertise!