Is there a way to know if a call was answered or not on RingCentral?

  • 14 April 2022
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Hi, I’m creating a flow on zapier which runs: 

FB Leads Ads → Add Item to Podio (sales) → Add to ConstanContac (marketing) → Add to Hubspot (custom audiences) → Send RingCentral SMS → Zapier Delay (3 mins) → RingCentral RingOut Call (In here i would like to know if the customer answer the call or Not, then i can create a follow up with a delay with another call 30 mins later from the “Queue” which has 5 reps attatched to it - so it rings to everybody)   what im doing is sending a follow up SMS within the same ZAP (from a marketing extension) 24 hours later to confirm if the call succeed.)   

I understand that the sales rep should be doing this kind of taskers, (Call 5 mis later if the answer wasnt connected)  but somethimes this does not happen due to busy , forgot to follow up, lazyness, who knows. And We want to automate the whole process, off course.

this task is “Turned On/Off” by another ZAP during business hours, (Turn ON at 8:00, Turn OFF at 17:00)
(by the way I would to also receive some guidance about something here) 

I’m having a little issue with Turn on/off, I think it is because i don’t know how to correctly set this

The ZAP was turned “OFF” today until 10 am, that means the off is working but the On is not for some reason (I had to manually turn the zap ON)




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2 replies

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Hi there @Plumbline!


For your first question, it’s not possible to see if a Ring Central call was answered as part of the same Zap but you could create a different Zap using the Call Ended trigger. That gives you information about calls that have ended, including whether or not the call connected and the duration of the call. You could use the Filter by Zapier to set up conditions so that the Zap only proceeds if the call was outbound and if it didn’t connect. 


For your second question about turning the Zap off and on, would you be able to share a bit more detail about how the Zap is set up? Please could you create a new post to do that as it’s a lot easier for other users to help if different questions are in different posts. Thank you!

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thank you for yor answer!