Is there a way to ensure Zap only triggers for certain updates in Pipedrive?

  • 31 August 2021
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Hey all! 

TL;DR - PipeDrive is triggering Zapier an excessive amount of times. 

Presently I’m using PipeDrive (Our CRM) to trigger a series of actions in Zapier. I have the action set to “Whenever a variable is updated in PipeDrive, trigger”. This is an instant action - which is what I prefer because PipeDrive only offers two types of actions:

  1. When any piece of a deal (deal being a project) is updated 
  2. Whenever a deal changes project states. 

The simple fix is that I can change Zapier to only listen when the deal’s state changes, however, this means that I can only poll for an update at much lower intervals. 


So, my solution has been to have Zapier listen for any changes in PipeDrive, then filter it out. However, this means that Zapier is getting pinged some 500x a day when it only needs to be pinged some <25 times. 

Is there a better way to prevent this and have PipeDrive only update Zapier in certain circumstances, or is there a way to have Zapier only listen to certain variables? 



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2 replies

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Hi @nickmeptik 

Check out the possibility of using Webhooks in Pipedrive:

Webhooks can be used with the Webhooks app as the Zap trigger:


Also, look into using the Pipedrive Zap triggers that use Filters.


Depending on what you’re trying to do with PIpedrive, maybe Pipedrive Workflow Automation can help:


FYI: Zap polling triggers (vs Zap instant triggers) depend on your Zapier plan, which can range from 1-15 minutes.



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Hi @nickmeptik 

If the native triggers and actions aren't quite bringing through what you need, you could check out the Pipedrive API reference documents below which can outline how to produce an API token for the platform and how to potentially set up webhooks:



You are able to set up a Webhook within the Pipedrive interface directly for certain events following this guide as well which might be helpful:

You can then setup a 'catch hook' webhook by zapier Trigger step to produce the endpoint url to enter into Pipedrive and catch the hook data that you need only.


A less-optimal option would be to use scheduling by zapier to periodically pull data through using a GET request throughout the day. You can then pull any Deals with changes for example.


If you need any help with it at all feel free to reach out any time.

Thanks, Michael