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Is there a way to delay a trigger based off how many times it's being triggered in an hour?

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Right now I’m trying to get an automation between active campaign and google sheets to work. 
Basically when a contact is added to a list in Active campaign is sends out a webhook and adds them to a google sheet. The problem is that I get 60 contacts that all get added to the list at once and it seems to give google sheets problems when I try to add so many people at once. I’m wondering if I can delay the trigger starting so that it only runs once every minute or something like that so google sheets doesn’t run into problems - I still want it to run from every person that triggers the webhook but I want it to slower.


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Never mind, I think I’ve figured it out > the delay action in zapier seems to allow me to add a que. When I first checked I thought I only saw wait set amount of time. 

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Hi @Ddeppner 

Delay After Queue: