Is there a way to connect Typeform with Omnisend?

  • 11 June 2020
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Hi guys, 

I think it would be easier to explain what I’d like to do and see if anyone has done something similar:

I’ve created a landing page that leads to a Typeform Questionnaire. In that questionnaire, there are two questions that I ask:

  1. What’s your level of fitness
    • Beginner 
    • Intermediate 
    • Advanced
  2. What body part would you like your workout to be focused on
    • Legs & Glutei
    • Legs & Abs
    • Arms & Back
    • Arms & Abs

Based on the answers that they give, I’d like to set up an automatic email that will send them their desired workout video. 

For example, if they chose Intermediate and Legs&Glutei, they should receive an automatic email with that exact workout.


Is it something that can be done?

Thanks in advanced  

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1 reply

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Hi @Titta Locapo!


You could definitely do this using the Paths function in Zapier. Paths allows you to create different steps based on the information in previous field (eg if Fitness level = Beginner and body part = Legs and abs then do x in Omnisend. )


To help you visualise it, the different paths could look like this:



If you haven’t used paths before and need some more information, check out this guide: add branching logic to Zaps using paths