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Is there a way for Zaps to expand a Twitter URL ( when crossposting to other channels and post the original instead?

  • 17 July 2023
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Is there a way for Zaps to expand a Twitter URL ( when crossposting to other channels (Facebook for example) and post the original instead?




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Welcome to the Community, @fabianharrison! 👋

Ah, for that you’d need a URL expander app of some kind but I couldn’t see any listed on Zapier.

Are the shortened links generated from a Tweet that’s posted by a Zap? If so, you could potentially use the same information that was used to generate the tweet, for the Facebook and other social media posts as well, as that would presumably contain the full url.

Could that work or are you cross posting other people’s tweets?

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So there does appear to be the option to retreive the expanded URL, it’s called expanded_url - but what I can’t figure out is how to get rid of the links from the Tweet text, all the options I have to pull from the tweet text include the short links. Is there a way to surgically remove them?

They are my tweets FYI - twitter auto shortens all tweets to links for some reason, and also adds a link that links back to that original tweet, which I’d also like to remove.




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That’s brilliant, @fabianharrison! Glad to hear you were able to locate the expanded URL within the fields that the Twitter trigger supplies. 

I think you could potentially remove the shortened URL from the Text field by using a Formatter (Text > Replace) action

  • For the Input you’d select the Text field from the Twitter trigger step.
  • And in the Find field you’d select the field that contains the shortened version of the URL (the field would be called Entities Urls Url).
  • Then in the Replace field you’d select the field containing the expanded version of the url (Entities Urls Expanded Url).
  • Next, in your Facebook action you’d select the updated text that’s output by the Formatter action. This should have the expanded version of the URL included in the text where the shortened url was before. 

Can you give that a try and let us know if that does the trick?