Is there a way for user tweets sent to email to display images vs links?

  • 12 April 2023
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I'm wondering if there is a way for tweets that contain images or multimedia to display in the email notifications you get when a user tweets. For example, if someone tweets some text with an image, the email will show the text and then the image is just a link to the tweet itself. This isn't as helpful because then you still have to open the tweet to see the full details, and if the tweet is later deleted then the link is dead.


Is there a way to configure the zap to show the media in the email, or is this a paid feature? Any code or workarounds?

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3 replies

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Hey there @lbf1512,

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You should be able to use regular HTML code to embed your images in the email. If you are looking for help with the HTML code, you could refer to this site:

Image tag:

Please give that a try, and keep us posted.

Thanks! 😊

Hi ken.a


It's not my images I want in the email. I want the tweets that it's pulling to send to my email to display any media contained within that tweet, instead of just the link to the tweet (ie. I want the full tweet embedded in the email, but I can't see an option to do that)

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Hi @lbf1512,

I tried this on my end, and here’s what I came up with using Gmail as an example:

Hopefully, this helps! 😊