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Is there a maximum number of gmail emails triggered by a zap(s) before Google flags as spam?

  • 18 June 2020
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Is there a maximum number of emails I can trigger/send before google starts flagging my gmail account as spam? I have heard max requests to Gmail API is 500 / email address / day, but not sure if that’s a thing.


Anyone have experience with this? I’d like to be able to trigger a maximum # of emails per day via Google Sheet → Gmail zap(s) but don’t want to get the work emails of my team members black listed or flagged, etc. 


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Paul Envizzo


This is a bit of a tricky one because it’s not just about the number of emails that are sent, but also the number of people on the receiving end who then flag that email as Spam. Different email providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc) will have different criteria for treating an email as spam; there’s no fixed number of emails that will cause email providers to flag an email address as a spam provider. I’m not an expert, but I’ve heard cases where if more than 2-3% of recipients flag as spam the whole email domain (if you’re not using a generic can be flagged as spam.  


On the whole, it’s better to use a bulk or transactional email provider like MailChimp (good for newsletters, etc), SendGrid or Mailjet (both transactional email services). 


Depending on the reason that you’re sending the emails and how often you plan to send them, I also advise you to check the Zapier Terms of Service to make sure that you aren’t in breach of them.  




Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Yep, definitely familiar with domain reputation and sender reputation in email in general. My question is more about usage of the API how (I believe!) Zapier triggers email when gmail/send email is chosen as the event that’s triggered. 

Maybe it’s not a thing at all, but thought I’d ask the Zapier community...

Separately, we have and use a pair of ESPs. We use mailchimp for newsletters et al and Sendgrid for transactional emails. This is an entirely separate effort. 

This is for outbound bd/sales outreach and the engagement is significantly better when they’re sent from gmail than an ESP like MailChimp.