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Is their a way to create a Zap between Trello and my Clipboard?

  • 15 April 2020
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Is there a way to use Zapier to take data from a Trello card and populate my clipboard?

Here's what I'd like to do. When a card is moved to a Contact Client list, I'd like to contact the client. But each client has different methods of preferred contact--some want an email, some want a text, some want to be messaged back on the FB Messenger thread.

Right now, I created a Zapier Zap that writes out the message I want and populating it with data from the card (i.e. Hi _Name_, the book you ordered _title_ etc etc) and creates a Draft Email in Outlook, which works only some of the time because most don't have the email field populated.

So what I'm then doing is jumping over to Zapier to see the Failed Zap report and then copying the text from there to then paste into my text message or whatever. Is there a way to have that instead populated into my Clipboard so then when I move a card I can then just go to my text message or FB or whatever and paste in what it gives me?


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Hi @HBSMobile - Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Zapier doesn’t have access to your clipboard and even if it did, there’s no way at the moment to automate searching the failed tasks.


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Actually I was hoping it would just skip failed tasks. In other words, if I found a solution, I would get rid of the other Zap that writes the Draft Email. What about just writing it to some kind of text doc so that I can go there and copy and paste? I just need some QuickPaste functions so that I don’t have to keep typing the same message over and over with only a few variables that are different (name, title etc)

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Hi @HBSMobile You might be able to use Storage for this one…


When the card is moved, use the Zap action Set Value to store whatever text you need at a particular ‘key’ the key could be unique to the client/the card so that you can then use another Zap when you want to retrieve the data from that key. 


If you just want to add the text to a document, would it work if you sent the text to yourself in an email and then you could decide what to do with it?