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Is it possible to use Zap to build a file in Dropbox?

  • 10 September 2022
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I am attempting to use a Item status change to trigger a folder being set up in Dropbox.  (I think I have gotten this far)  I would also like that folder to be created from a “folder template” that we have built. And for the file names to be updated depending on the name of the top line folder - which is determined by the item name.  


I am not sure this level of automation is possible.  If so, is there a video of the build process?  

Thank you in advance for your brilliance. 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 10 September 2022, 16:49

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Hi @MondayMaven 

Good question.

Try using this Zap action: Dropbox - Create Text File


If you need more advanced file creation, then you’ll likely have to use another app first.

Thank you Troy for your response.  It is helpful.  Since I am new at all of this, I may be thinking about it in the wrong way.  My vision was that Zapier could connect with dropbox, access a template, call it what is prescribed in Monday. com.  Is that possible?


Thank you again!


Hi Troy,

To clarify I have a templated file structure for each type of project we have.  I am hoping to make a new file using automations and integrations in - taking the title name from Monday and inserting it on to a new folder with the folder structure.  


Ex.  We have a main folder with three folders inside it.  Those folders are already named “Receipts”, “Contract”, and “Proposals”.  I have a new item in Monday called JOB123, I change the status for that item and that kicks off the Zapier to make a new folder in my dropbox account called JOB123 containing the folders - Receipts”, “Contract”, and “Proposals”

Hi Troy, 

I figured it out!  

Using a premade template wont work in Zapier.  But you can make each step work and build what you need, so I used about 15 “create a Folder” steps and put them where I needed them and titled them what they needed to be titled. 


Thank you for your help!