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Is it possible to trigger a Zap from all DMs in Slack?

  • 3 February 2021
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I am trying to figure out how can I set up slack so I always get:

1 all DMs to me 

2 DMs in Multi DM channel 

3 anytime I am mentioned in any public or private channel. 


I think #3 is pretty straight forward with the zapier. How ever I don’t see an option for #1 at all and for #2 - how would I achieve that if let’s say a new multi DM popped up that I didn’t add to the list already? 


My use case is - I personally don’t use slack, but a lot of my clients do. They send me messages in slack in variety of ways - but it’s basically like tasks for me to do. I want them pushed to my Asana or at least get an email because between me and my team these slacks get missed. 


I know I can do “Push to Zapier” but that would still involve me going there and manually clicking push every time - kinda defeats the purpose. 


I know if we sign out of all workspaces - then Slack will send a summary email like every 15 minutes, but I think I wanted something where I am still signed in to respond to clients - but have messages go to my email so I can work with them in my ticketing system like a client request. 


It would almost works if there was some slack bot that automatically posted all messages to a private channel and then I can use Zapier from that channel. 




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5 replies

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Hi @mp057812 

Some things to be aware of…


Slack has these Notification Preferences available.


The Slack New Mention trigger will only work for public channels.


These Slack triggers would have to be configured on a PER private channel basis:


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Thank you for getting back at me @Troy Tessalone 


So just so I understand from Zapier - there is no trigger of all new DM messages? I saw integromant has trigger for new DMs - but id much rather use Zapier. 

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You’re right @mp057812 - as it stands, only Integromat has a trigger for new DMs.

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The Slack Triggers involved require a Channel to be selected.


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Just wanted to follow up here as I noticed @mp057812 reached out to our support team about this and was added to an existing feature request for a New DM trigger to be added to the Slack integration.

For anyone who finds this closed thread and wants to get added to the feature request I’d recommend reaching out via the Get Help form to be added to the request. :)