Is it possible to pass Mailchimp groups into Hubspot?

  • 1 June 2020
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Hi community,

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I am using the following zaps to send new and updated contacts from Mailchimp to Hubspot:

  • Create or update HubSpot contacts when MailChimp subscribers are updated
  • New subscriber in segment or tag in Mailchimp 

However the Mailchimp groups do not appear in the customise contact picker and therefore cannot be passed to Hubspot CRM. A contact will have multiple interest groups (tickbox questions eg level of seniority, industry sector) 

Currently I am able to get name, contact info and various tags over into Hubspot - which is great - but have resorted to importing the group info in weekly batches :weary:

Is there a way to send groups over please?


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2 replies

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@Rijel I think you are using Mailchimp as your trigger step, correct? I just tested it and it provides me with the Interest groups, see below. 

Is it possible that in your results the interest groups are there, just not named what you expected them to be (they are line items under the key of “groupings”)

Hi @PaulKortman ,

Thank you for responding.  Apologies for not getting back to you quicker.

I have looked again and “groupings” just doesn’t appear for me.

In addition to the mailmerge fields (which were easy to map) all I get are these “interests” (see pic.) They are just not meaningful—as an example one of my groups is called “podium” and expected responses are gold/silver/bronze.  The true/false shown doesn’t relate to that at all.


Not sure what to do next..