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Is it possible to increase the 2000 character limit in a field when importing Shopify product descriptions?

  • 15 October 2022
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I often get an error when I import a product page from my shopify to zapier:

  • ERROR : body failed validation: body.children[45].code.rich_text[0].text.content.length should be ≤ `2000`, instead was `7415`.

I understand that my text is too long and that there is a 2000 length limit.

My question is the following: is it possible to upgrade this limit to 10,000 or even more?

If yes, how?


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Hi @Arkslice!

Often this type of limitation is set by the app rather than by Zapier so it’s unlikely that it’s possible to increase the limit, I’m sorry about that.

I can take a look at whether it would be possible to add a feature request for this, to let the Shopify team know that it would be helpful for you. So that we can do that, could you please share the trigger and actions in your Zap and let us know which one is producing the error that you’re seeing. Thanks!

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I am using it for Notion, and I know Notion can deal with much more than just 2000 characters. Surely there must be a way to increase the limit?

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Same problem here. I have a Google Form that connects with a Notion database. I’ll limit the answers to 2000 characters for now in the Google Form, but would be great if you could remove the character limit some way. Neither Google Forms or Notion have that limit as far as I understand, so it would make sense that there’s something Zapier can do to remove the character limit. I might be wrong but thought I’d mention I have the same problem.

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Hope they pick up on this soon...

I am wondering if there is anything more that can be done about this in my Zap.

I was creating an integration with Notion from a webhook in Zapier and had just got it set up and working until I realised that my text was being truncated at 2000 characters.

I see that there is an API limit in Notion

But there doesn't seem to be a simple way to create the document and add to it so that the full content is created in the document with multi-requests.

It’s a shame as the configurability of the zap is otherwise really good, but it cant meet the need storing the output from the LLM. It's forcing a limit of 2000 characters total per document, as multiple calls per document don't seem to be possible.