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Is it possible to create a child page in Confluence?

  • 9 October 2020
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I can see its simple enough to create a new page, however i would like to be able to create a child page in confluence. 


is this possible please?


Thanks :) 


Best answer by Danvers 16 November 2020, 15:24

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5 replies

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Are you using Confluence Cloud or Confluence Server?

Both via Zapier have 1 available action: Create Page or Blog Post.

Otherwise, you’d likely have to use the Confluence API in a Webhook step in the Zap.



Thanks for taking the time to reply! 

I’m using Confluence Cloud. So its likely have to go down the Web hook route. 


just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something before i tried. 


Thanks again :) 

Hey there ^_^,

i am a working student an started to get into Zapier about a month ago.

I am trying to create a child page based on a Copper trigger, however i could not find a way to create a child page. I searched and found this thread. can somebody please explain to me how the Webhook route works?


Thanks in advance for your help and time,

Cheers ^^

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Hi @Hürkan


Using webhooks is a pretty advanced setup, you’d need to be familiar with how APIs and webhooks work generally in order to do it. You would need to use a webhook to call the Confluence API and ask it to create a subpage. Links to the Confluence APIs are in Troy’s post, above. 


We do also have a feature request open for the ability to add subpages (a child page) in Confluence Cloud. I’ve added you and @this.json as interested users on that request, which lets the Confluence team know how many users are interested and also that we’ll send you an email if the feature is added. 

Hi @Danvers ,

thank you for your fast response ^^.

And thank you for the clarification, i will try my best ^-^.