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Is it possible to auto retweet from one Twitter account I own to another?

  • 24 April 2020
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Just trying to set up an auto retweet from my national to my international twitter profiles. I do this with another tool but want to move all to zapier. Is there a way to do this that ends up looking like a native reweet? 



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6 replies

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Hey there! 


Alas, in 2014 it was pretty much possible to do whatever you wanted on Twitter, but sadly these days, they’ve locked down the functionality and have created a really strict Terms of Service, which I think your requirement here would fall foul of:

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Oh ok thanks. Its just still do it? I thought zapier (being better) would also do that? 

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Yeah - I think the main thing here is that it’s really really specifically within the terms of service - they control what is happening in a contained and restricted way at every step of the process (i.e. posting and scheduling) , but because Zapier is so open, and the possibilities are literally endless - it’s very likely they’ve decided that they’d rather not spend their days battling Twitters lawyers of ToS abuse, and limited it to what can reasonably be automated without exposing themselves to risk

Basically I think you’d be fine using

My recommendation is to automate as much as you can with Zapier but send to another platform (e.g. a Todo list app, G-Sheets, or Airtable) and then manage it yourself. I honestly think you can still achieve a lot with Zapier’s Twitter endpoints, but you just need to have that human check at some point in the process

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ok thanks

Hi @MattH as others have noted - you may have more luck using another tool in combination with Zapier, for the twitter portion of your workflow. Give a try - we’re an open/ free workflow tool and just launched a twitter integration last week! 

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Hey Helpful max,

Thanks for the comment! I will give a a go….
I have just been informed also that isnt fully active. Workflows ca only be shared at this stage - not carried out, util next month.