Is it possible to analyze form submission Zaps for spam?

  • 28 February 2024
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We are using Unbounce>Zapier>Dynamics CRM. However we get spam form submissions and it’s becoming a big problem for data cleaning. Is there a way that Zapier can run a check against the email domain a form has attached to it, and NOT deposit it into the CRM if it is deemed as a spam domain?

I have a list of over 90,000 spam domains, but since Unbounce does not give server side access, I can’t really do much with it.

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2 replies

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Leverage third-party services:

  • Spam validation services: Integrate an external spam validation service like Clearbit Risk or Mailgun into your Zap. These services can analyze email addresses and return a spam score or risk assessment. You can then use a filter step in your Zap to only proceed with submissions below a certain spam threshold.
  • Email validation services: Consider using email validation services like NeverBounce or Bouncer. These services can verify if the email addresses are valid and deliverable. While they don't directly identify spam domains, filtering out non-existent email addresses can significantly reduce the number of unwanted submissions.
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Hi @Devam 

Other email validation/verification Zap apps can be found here:


Action: NeverBounce - Verify Email Address

Action: Filter