Is it possible to add multiple Calendly events onto one Google Worksheet in Zapier?

  • 31 August 2023
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I’m new to Zapier, so apologies of this is really obvious.

I’ve just set up my first Zap, connecting Calendly to Google Sheets. I can pull through individual events to a specific google sheets workbook (tab), but is it possible to pull through multiple events to one sheet?

Not all events are the same or have the same Calendly questions, for example Zapier is asking me to input “enter text or data” for none relevant google sheet cells, as the google header cells are not relevant for that event… hope that makes sense!?

To put the above in more context, we have two Calendly consultation booking, one for our showroom in Manchester and one in London. We also have a collection event where people can book in to collect their purchase… as the collection event doesn’t have all the detailed Calendly info a showroom booking has, I’m not sure what to input in Zapier.




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2 replies

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Hi @Pip 

Good question.

Try this…

Configure 1 Zap per event.

You can use a Filter as step 2 in the Zaps.

Then you can map the desired fields from each Calendly event to the GSheet columns.

Thanks Troy, I’ll give this a go 👌