Is it possible to add hubspot property history to a zap?

  • 20 November 2020
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Hello everyone!

In our company we have set up a zap that sends us a slack message everytime that a contact property gets updated in Hubspot. Is it possible to add to the same zap also the previous data of the same property through the property history? It would be very useful to see in the same message the latest and the previous value for it.

In case it helps the property is a NPS Survey number (1 to 10) imported from wootric to hubspot. 

Thanks in advance for any help!


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4 replies

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Hi @GT_Shipit 

Unfortunately not directly. 

A workaround might be to use “Zapier Storage” steps to keep track of changes and retrieve those values to paste into your Slack message

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Can you share screenshots of your set up and the fields that are being returned? 

The previous data of the same property is stored in Hubspot, correct?

Andrew thanks for the reply, that works for new data, obviously it does not help with previus data though. 


GetUWired, sure, does this help?

Here are the properties retrieved 

and here the slack message i'm sending with them

the idea is to import the the previus versions of one of the properties. In Hubspot each property has a stored history of the previous changes to it.

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Thanks for the screenshot @GT_Shipit ! I am not totally familiar with hubspots integration but it is possible to get that back from the api. Is that all of the properties you are retrieving? 

Do you know the name of the desired property There is an endpoint in the api to fetch all companies and returned with “propertiesWithHistory={desired_property}”. 

It might have to be a second step that fires off a request to get all companies. 

If you want to send a private message I would love the opportunity to work with you to get this built.