Is it possible to add a condition if the payment date is today to avoid taking past payments?

  • 31 October 2022
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I’m so sorry to send a msg like this but I’m not understanding what´s going on!

I developed an app in Glide which record has a checkbox after payment.

Once the user pay, the checkbox is marked and I should a message to the recepients. 

The trigger is exactly this field. Everything was running perfectly in the


Here I create a zap like this. In the had one for new and other one for update.

Once the user marks the checkbox, this record is hidden or it´s not possible to mark twice. Additionaly I save the timestamp of payment. 

What´s happenning is the this zap is running for some rows that was payed in the past, with no reason!

The checkbox field was not updated. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but it´s look like when a new row is added, the zap run for a random row, I guess!

Looking the history, I review a succeeded tasks and the Data in is a payment in the past. Why?

Since I have the timestamp of payment, is it possible to add a condition if  date of payment is today? a way to avoid taking past payments.  


The succeeded tasks number should be the quantity of payments´day but it´s not happening. 

My task limited is reached fast!

Someone could help me pls.

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2 replies

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I was thinking … If I edit any other column in these past payments records the zap runs even if I don’t change the trigger field?

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Hi @acaruso!

So sorry for the frustration and confusion :(

I see that you also wrote in to our Support team and they’ve responded to you.

Please continue the conversation there, since they’re best equipped to really dig into this for you :)