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Is it possible for Dagger to listen to data sent within an Ethereum transaction?

  • 26 June 2020
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Hello all,


I’m working on integrating Dagger and I’m curious if there’s a way to use Zapier with Dagger to read a transaction’s data field, convert the HEX data to ascii, and taking that ascii information onto the next step of the transaction? If so, that would be super helpful for what I’m trying to do.


Otherwise, if that’s not possible, are there any workarounds that similarly allow for the integration of the Ethereum blockchain transactions or smart contracts with the transferral of inputted data through Zapier? The main issue here is Dagger’s possible integrations within Zapier but I really like both the platforms and the possibility of scaling/automating each occurance.


Any help is appreciated! 


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@crazink1 Not sure if Zapier will be the right tool for you as all data that is passed through is logged on Zapier’s servers, so if that isn’t a security issue then Zapier will work for you, however if you have security issues with that you’ll need to look elsewhere. 


Beyond the security issue converting from hex to string is a simple buffer function within node, and so you can do this within the developer platform or in a simple nodejs code step within a zap.  here’s the “cheat sheet” on how to convert common types for blockchain


Let us know if that helped or if you need more assistance.