Is it possibe to pull event attendees from a different Airtable table?

  • 5 September 2022
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I have two tables in Airtable: Meetings and Members. I’d like to create a new Google Calendar invite any time a Meeting record is created or edited[*]. I have that (mostly) working.

The trouble is, I need the list of attendees to be populated from (a view within) the Members table.

There doesn’t seem an easy way to do this, since the Zap seems to want everything to come from the same table (though that table seems to be numbered #1, so I’m hoping I can join Members as #2?

I toyed with the idea of using an Automation to populate an Attendees column in every record in the Meetings table, but creating a lookup column of the emails in a multi-reference to Members column was foiled because I could not use that lookup column in the Attendees field in the Zap. It appear that it wants me to enumerate the attendees in the Zap?

Is there something obvious (or clever, even) that I’m missing? I don’t really want to have to write a script that builds on these two APIs myself, since I feel like I’m SO CLOSE!


[*] I know that can lead to duplicate events, I’m going to start with this as the proof-of-concept, and refine it from there.

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Hey @Erik the Plaid!

Hmm, I can think of a couple of ways you may be able to get this to work. 


Firstly, have you looked into the Find Many Records search action? If there will be no more than 10 attendees per event, you could use that to find a list of the members within a specific view. The action will return the records as line-items, but you can use the Formatter to convert them from line item to text. That would give you a list of email addresses separated by commas that you could use in the Google Calendar action. 

The second option I can think of would be to create a view in Airtable for each event that has a list of the attendees, but instead of using a lookup column in Airtable, you use formula to create a concatenated field. There’s more information on how to do that in this Airtable help guide.


Would either of those work for your set up? 


With reference to your point:

I know that can lead to duplicate events, I’m going to start with this as the proof-of-concept, and refine it from there.


If you’re worried about creating duplicate events when a Meeting record is updated, I’d recommend using the Find event action in Google Calendar. At the bottom of the search, there’s a tick box to create an event if one doesn’t already exist. So the step will either find an existing event or if there isn’t one that matches the record, it will create one. If you want to update events if the record is updated, then you’ll want to have a Find event step, then Update event step. Hope that helps!