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Is HubSpot support leaving Zapier? What's up?

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Our HubSpot flows just stopped working due to deauth.

And now we can’t reauth—a bunch of errors led us to look in the console and find a bunch of 403 (Forbidden) but, most tellingly, a 404 for:


So we are currently down on ALL Zaps that use HubSpot. This is bad, and there appears to be no way to remedy.

Anyone know what’s up?


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As above. The app has disappeared from the Zapier list. We are trying to do an emergency switch over to Integromat to keep our operations flowing. This is a terrible situation. Our zaps are down this is unstable

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Having the same issue the past week. Now if logged in normally, only seeing 1.4.0 Legacy:

When logged in incognito, not finding any Hubspot app at all.

Some Zaps seem to be working but some not, getting error:

Please help us ASAP.

Zapier is an awesome service and like many companies, we are built on it in a way.



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I can’t find “HubSpot” on the Apps list right now and I’m getting this error on my Zaps with Hubspot:



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Same issue - HubSpot apps not appearing no App List anymore.

Commenting for update notifications :)

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Hi all, sorry for the long pause on this. Are we still experiencing troubles with getting the HubSpot integration on the app list? Let us know. 


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Update: We’re still working with HubSpot to smooth out the hiccups with this integration. If anyone on this thread still has troubles, please let us know and we’ll alert our team of any new information reported. Our team will continue to work towards the stability of this integration. Thank you!

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Hey there! Just wanted to follow up on this thread to let folks know that things appear to be fully resolved now. If anyone is experiencing any further issues around this, please let our support know by submitting a ticket, here: