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Is Grabbing The Zap Step ID From Later Step (Raw ID) Possible?

  • 31 August 2020
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Is there a way to grab a zap step ID while a zap is being ran? (The step ID in the URL of when editing the step and used in the variable fields):

For example, say I want the step ID of Step #5 (Copper):

If you copy and paste the variable field then you get the following:


I essentially just want to grab the number out of that, but when it makes its way into the zap step, it changes it from the variable field into the value of what the variable holds.

So with that, is there like a {{zap_meta_human_now}} type of option for step ID’s? Something like {{zap_meta_step5_id}} for example?

I essentially want to, in the code block, run a “replace” JS script that will replace a variable that I push in (e.g. [[ReplaceVariableWithStageID]] would replace with 97718551, pulling that stage ID from the zap itself)

Thanks so much!



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Hi @alex!


Hmm, as far as I know it’s not possible to do this. The only ways that I know of how to get the step ID are all pretty static (ie go to this place and look at it) as opposed to dynamically grabbing it.

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Thanks for the response @Danvers!

Yeah, I'm totally trying to bend Zapier in building a product atop it, but oddities like this are areas that are not going to allow me to make it modular enough to scale.

I know there's something there from an API perspective, because when you duplicate a Zap, all the old Step ID's get replaced with the new Step ID's of the duplicated zap, so the system is definitely doing a "find/replace Step ID" upon zap duplication. Now if only that was accessible in a more modular form for us 😁