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Invalid attendee email when adding two emails in google calendar event

  • 21 April 2020
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I tryu to call google calander new event ,   need to have two emails ,  coming from google sheet.  it works with one email, but not with two. I get error “Invalid attendee email when adding two emails in google calendar event.


I tried format the emails with double quotes ….  space between them, comma between them, bracket etc.  nothing works

latest is in screenshot


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4 replies

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Have you just tried setting them as comma-separated values, I think you’re creating an array within an array here, and Calendar isn’t liking it

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yes, i tried it all.

what is right way  ?

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this issue seems to be solved …. i added email address one near each other  horizentally (e.g. for some reason the zapier allow it) while didnt notice it should be added in different lines vertically in zapier

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Woohoo! I was just replying to this too! Glad you got it solved :D