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  • 6 April 2021
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Those anybody know what is the time interval for this Trigger in gmail “New Email Matching Search in Gmail” since this is not instant? we just burned 1800 tasks in a day, of duplicate data.

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4 replies

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Hi @Solpi 

Make sure to check the available help articles for Gmail:

FYI: For Zap triggers that are NOT instant, the trigger interval will depend on your Zapier plan, which can be from 1-15 minutes.

Not all my emails are triggering my Zap

Each Gmail trigger has a specific length of time in the past that it can "see" emails in your Gmail account. If the email in question is older than the time limit, the trigger won't be able to detect that email.

These limits are as follows:

  • New Labeled Email - Unlimited
  • New Starred Email - 2 days
  • New Email - 1 hour
  • New Email Matching Search - 1 hour
  • New Thread - 1 hour
  • New Attachment - 1 hour

This is our zap, that means let just say every hour this is triggered, I still don't believe we burned 1800 tasks in less than an 24hour. is there any chance we can get our tasks back?



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Hi @Solpi 

Make sure to reference the description underneath the Search String field.

What’s likely happening is the the Zap is creating a loop (and thus firing more than expected) because the trigger is happening for sent emails from your Zap step 2.

Adjusting the Search String to include “in:inbox” thus being more restrictive should reduce the number of times the Zap triggers to only the emails you expect to trigger.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here to ask about being reimbursed for your burned Tasks:

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?