Integration of Zapier in Asana for mail notification.

  • 21 December 2020
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I would like to have a mail notification for new Asana tickets but only if the severity is High.

Asana itself can’t filter. A person from Asana forum indicated me that Zapier could do that.

How could I have some help if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

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4 replies

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Zapier can help you out here. Just create a Zap:

Step 1: Create a Trigger → New Story in Asana

Step 2: Create a Filter → Severity exactly matches “High” (Here you will fetch the data from Asana)


Step 3: Create an Action → Send Email in Gmail 

Let me know if I should get into more detail :)

First, many thanks for your help. Yes, I’m afraid I need more details. It’s my first time on Zapier but ALSO in Asana. Thanks in advance.

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Hey, that is no problem. Sorry to throw back the ball, but maybe can you describe in more detail how your Asana workflow is currently set up and when exactly you want to get a notification? Maybe you can add some screenshots. Then I can tell you exactly how to set this up in Zapier.


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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?