Integration of Discord and Paypal

  • 5 December 2020
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I am currently on free trial on the paid plan  for Zapier.

I am interesting in staying as a paid member if I can achieve the following:

I am trying to integrate Discord with Paypal so that when a member signs up for a paypal subscription, their user role will be automatically updated.  I am having the following issues.


  1. When setting up action on for adding a role in Discord, I must select a specific user.  I do not want this.  I want to be able to select the user automatically based on whoever signed up for subscription for paypal.  How can I have zapier automatically retreive this information?
  2. After the user subscribes, I then need to create a secondary “zap” to remove the user’s role if the subscription is cancelled.  I see that you have a “Refunded Sale in Paypal” trigger.  What actually triggers this?  Is this only when the seller manually refunds the user or is it also triggered when the user cancels their subscription?

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2 replies

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  1. Try to add a Step for Action: Discord - Find User
    Then pipe thru the User ID to the following Discord action step.
  2. Resources:

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Hi @DSZapper!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since we didn't hear back after our last message. Did you still need help here or were you able to resolve things? Please let us know :)