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Integrating two apps that aren’t on Zapier

  • 1 June 2021
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Hello, I am not familiar with Zapier. We would like to integrate two apps that are not yet supported by Zapier. What is the first step i should take?
The goal is, when new information is added to the first one we would like it to appear on the second app too.

Also, there are some informations we would like to move from the second app to the first. Shall I create another integration or Zap? 

The integration should be real time. 

Any help will be appreciated!



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Hi @Groom,

Here’s a zapier article that you should really read which instructs how to make unsupported apps to work with Zapier: 

The most viable way you can integrate apps that are unavailable in Zapier natively, is by using API or Webhook through “Webhook by Zapier” app.

At first you need to check with your platforms, if they support Webhook when an event occurs in those platforms. Then you can use “Webhook by Zapier” to set up the Webhook integration and this works instantly; real-time. You can also use AP I to get information every 5-15 minutes.




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Thank you so much@robschmidt. I am working on the project. To do it through the API way, shall I create both web apps on Zapier platform? And complete all the authentication, triggers and actions part for both? 
If that is the right way, what is the next step? 
I really appreciate your help. 

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The first thing you need to know is that you can’t move earlier data from platform A to platform B using Zapier. Zapier only transfers the data created after an integration is made.

In order to work with API/webhook, follow this process:

  • In Zapier, start a new Zap and use webhook by Zapier as a trigger. You will get a webhook URL where you can send data and zapier will catch those.
  • In Platform A: Check if they provide webhook feature. You can contact the support to check how to set up a webhook. Use the webhook URL provided by Zapier to configure webhook in that platform
  • In platform B: (Add an action in Zapier, with Webhook by Zapier’s Custom request option first) You need find out how to pass information to Platform B using API by reading their API documentation. Use the proper method specified in the API documentation, and configure them in the action step.

That’s one of the ways you can pass information from Platform A to platform B.

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Thanks a lot. Your comments are really helpful. Just to clarify, is there any step I have to complete on the Zapier platform first before I create a new Zap? Since both systems are not in Zapier yet. I just want to have the clear idea of the steps. Sorry, I am new to the system, correct me if I am wrong. This is my understanding. First go to zapier platform/my integration and create both apps. Authenticate and trigger both. Then go to Zapier and integrate the two platforms. If that is not how it works please suggest me the best way. 

To make my case more clear. Whenever a new information is added to platform A, I would like the information to populate on platform B.