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Integrating between Leadfeeder and

Whenever I try to link Leedfeeder to Seamless.Ai, when I locate my Seamless app, it is translucent with the statement “no action available”. Does this mean Zapier cannot integrated with Seamless?


Best answer by christina.d 29 July 2022, 05:43

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Hi @jeap 

Good question.

The Seamless AI Zap app integration only has triggers available:

Troy, so please tell me if I am wasting my time integrating with Zapier. I have created in Sales Navigator 30 searches, each named for a given bank. The idea was when a given bank visits our site, it would trigger in Leadfeeder a trigger for MeetAlfred to create a new campaign using the Sales Havigator given bank search.

Is this too complex for Zapier? Please advise and thank you.

OOPs, Thank you by the way for taking the time to respond to me.

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Hey @jeap! Just wanted to confirm that currently, it doesn’t look like has built any actions on Zapier.

What is it you were hoping to do? We have an open feature request for a “Create Contact” action but if you needed something else, the best thing to do would be to contact our support team so they can look into what’s possible through Seamless’s API and log something on your behalf.

Let us know!

Jesse, I am hoping that a trigger in Leadfeeder visiting our company visiting our website would create a new campaign in MeetAlfred pulling a saved search in SalesNavigator. Every step is already set-up to be automated, I just need the Leadfeeder trigger to send the company name to MeetAlfred that would result in that platform pulling the saved SalesNavigator search and launching a campaign.

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Hey there, @jeap! Thanks for clarifying that!

I took a peek and MeetAlfred isn’t a supported app at the moment. I did go ahead and add you as an interested user though! This way if and when an integration is added, we’ll be sure to email you! 

In addition as Troy and Jesse mentioned - Seamless.AI doesn’t have any supported actions either. All that said, it does’t appear this workflow is currently possible. 😔 

If anything changes though in terms of support for MeetAlfred though, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

Thank you for the follow up.