Integrating BambooHR with QuickBooksOnline

Unless I am missing something, and perhaps I am, there is no integration between BambooHR and QBO wherein a new employee set up in BHR triggers that information to be also set up in QBO. Both BHR and Zapier websites say this is possible. When choosing BHR as the source, the trigger option NEW EMPLOYEE SETUP is available. But when you choose QBO as the receiver of the zap, an option to CREATE NEW EMPLOYEE does not exist.

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Hi @Marco Vargas 

Good question.

Zap app triggers/actions are usually the most popular/common API endpoints and webhook events.

For QBO, the QBO API would have to be used to create a new employee:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app as an action step:

Got it. So I guess that whole “no code required” thing is pretty much out the window.

Not going to lie: this is all a little bit stupid. I have to believe the most wanted features when integrating BambooHR with QBO is to push new employees into QBO and to push PTO back and forth between the two. But it appears neither of those options are available. Oddly, it appears whoever created this integration didn’t understand the workflow. See below, from Zapier’s own website.

Why in the world would anyone want a new employee set up in BambooHR to come over in to QuickBooks Online as a CUSTOMER?

Can’t believe this is a popular Zap. Why would anyone want a new employee set up in QBO as a customer? Makes no sense.



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@Marco Vargas

Here’s some context...

Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves, rather than by Zapier, altho I’m not sure who owns each of these Zap app integrations.

Keep in mind technically any app can be integrated with any other app, and there are several thousand apps on Zapier’s platform.

Most of these 2 step Zap templates are autogenerated for SEO purposes, so some may not make true sense.

Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged:

Again, got it. Thank you.

But I do have another question. So if these templates are being “autogenerated for SEO purposes”, which means that “some may not make true sense”, then isn’t it just a little bit sleezy for Zapier to claim a Zap that was generated for SEO purposes and that makes no sense in real life is “Our most popular Zap!”

Obviously, that’s not true. Right? How can a Zap that makes no true sense be popular, let alone the most popular?


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@Marco Vargas

That’s something that you’ll have to take up with Zapier. (I don’t work for Zapier.)

Keep in mind it all depends on the use case.

For whatever reason, there may be a business out there that wants to configure this Zap:


Didn’t mean to suggest that you were somehow personally responsible for any sleeziness, and my most sincere apologies if anything I’ve said has suggested that. Not my intention. I just find it all fascinating: as a 25-year accountant and CFO, I cannot imagine any reason why a business would want their employees set up in their general ledger software as customers.

Employees cause expenses whereas customers cause revenue. 

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@Marco Vargas

Best to share feedback and feature requests by submitting a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged:


It’s likely these are 2 of the most used triggers/actions for each app, thus why paired and promoted as you experienced.


And, with that, you refer me back to where I began. The link you provide is precisely where this question was posted. And nowhere at that link is there a place to “open a ticket with support.”

Exhausting. Moving on. Zapier in the rear view mirror.

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@Marco Vargas 

When you go through the wizard you will be presented with options to open a ticket.



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Hey there, @Marco Vargas. Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out and share your candid feedback.

I took a quick peek and it looks like you were able to chat with my teammates in support, which is perfect. I know they mentioned this is currently an open feature request and they were able to add your vote. I imagine it’s not the immediate solution you were hoping for but it does help us monitor and track user interests for these types of requests!

I also wanted to take a moment to touch on some of your concerns as they’re certainly valid questions.

  •  My educated guess about why that’s showing as the “most popular Zap” is because, as the only Zap Template, it is by default the most popular one. That label and the arrow pointing to it will always be there, next to the Zap Template that tops the list.
  •  We support over 4,000 apps and it’s true having templates to connect as many of them as possible does help our SEO efforts. That said, there truly isn’t any ill intent on our part in saying that the only existing template is the most popular one. Even if nobody had ever used it, by default it will the top of that list, underneath the text “Our most popular Zap”.
  • It is worth mentioning, while our 2-app pages (and now 3-app pages) are auto-generated, the Zap Templates (like the one referenced in the screenshot) are not. Real humans create these in attempt to make the most appropriate and useful templates out of the available triggers and actions. 

I know it’s not ideal but I did also want to share this related post here where a workaround is posted. As Troy mentioned, if the desired triggers and actions aren’t readily available we always want to try and at least get you pointed in the right direction with an alternative:

All that said though, ultimately we recognize perfection isn’t achievable when working with thousands of apps but we do appreciate users like yourself holding us accountable to make our product as great as it can be. Thanks again for taking the time and keep us posted if you have any questions we can help with down the road.