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  • 13 June 2020
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I am having problems with a charity Instagram to Discord Zap. I am trying to send pictures from the Instagram page of a scout group to a discord page. I have the link working and it sends over fine and the picture appears in the selected discord channel, it is only displayed for around a second before reverting to a web link however. Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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3 replies

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Hi @Glen.Mills!

Can you confirm something for me? Does it work when you paste that exact same thing directly in Discord, as opposed to using a Zap to do so? The easiest way to get the link is to go to the Send Data screen of your Discord step in the Zap, then look for the Content field. Can you try that link and also, if the link includes it, try cutting out everything after the .jpg in the link. Sometimes there’s a bunch of other stuff after a question mark. I wonder if that affects it at all.

So I’d be curious to see if your original link works right inside of Discord and also whether using the link without anything after the .jpg works in the Zap. Could you try that for me and report back? Thanks!

Hi @nicksimard.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have just tested and If I copy the Content field and paste it directly into the Discord Channel, the image appears normally and stays. If I try and paste cutting out everything after the .jpg it simply stays as a clickable hyperlink and no image appears...when you click the Hyperlink however it simply goes to a page that says ‘bad URL timestamp.

Any suggestions to try and fix this would be appreciated.



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Hi @Glen.Mills ,

Thanks for getting back to us with those details! 

I am escalating this to Support so they can take a look at your specific mapping here and get you squared away. Sit tight and someone will be in touch just as soon as they can!