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Information not being passed over Salesforce search field as expected

  • 15 July 2021
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We are using Zapier to move project application information over to Salesforce. Everything is built and working great, expect for two fields. On Salesforce we have a one field (which is a search field for contact) and another field (drop down). Both fields do not map over the information entered from the form. In Salesforce (when manually entered, you have to search for the name(s) first if nothing is found then you can create a record. To me this means a trigger has to be built, but I can't figure out if I need to build a trigger in salesforce or a trigger in Zapier. Or if I need to create a multistep zap. One zap for a dropdown and search field. Then, a second zap for the rest of the application information?


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Hey @KSpedoske, welcome to the Community! :)

For the search field, it sounds like you might be looking to create a new contact record in Salesforce if an existing contact record isn’t found, is that correct? If so, Saleforce’s Find or Create Record action should allow you to do just that. You can find out more about using this sort of search action here: Search for existing data in Zaps

With the dropdown field, is the issue that the information coming from the application doesn’t match the options in Salesforce? If that’s the case, you may need a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) step to convert the values received from the application form into the values that Salesforce is expecting (usually it will expect an ID number of some kind) - Create lookup tables in Zaps

Hope that helps!