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Incorrect Webinar Registration Date: Zoom->Google Sheets

  • 25 March 2020
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I have a Zap that adds new Zoom webinar registrants to a Google Sheet. The webinar is a recurring weekly webinar. When I test the Zap using the closest upcoming webinar date, the Zap puts the last possible webinar date into the Google Sheet (e.g., I am registering for a 4/6/2020 webinar, but the Zap adds the date 4/27/2020 to the Google Sheet because it is the last scheduled session of the recurring webinar). The field that I am using from Zoom to obtain the registered date is “Start Time.”

Is there something I am missing to be able to add the correct date?


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Hi @teachable I’m really sorry for the delayed reply here!


When you look at all of the fields that you can get from Zoom with the New Registrant trigger, are there any other date/time fields there that could help? It looks like there should be a Start time field - is that the one that you’re seeing as the date of the final webinar? And just to make sure we’re on the same page here, am I correct in thinking that you need both the date and time. Or is it that you need the date, but the date of the upcoming webinar, not the final one? 


Do you add your webinars to Google Calendar? One possible way around this would be to use the New Registrant trigger and then a Google Calendar Find Event step, so that the details are pulled from Google Calendar instead of Zoom. 


If you want the Zap to always find the next webinar date, and not the first, then you’ll need to set up the ‘Customize Event’ part of the Google Calendar step like this:


For the search term, add the name of the webinar - this will need to be something unique to that webinar so Google Calendar doesn’t find the wrong event.

I’m assuming that the webinars are weekly here. To make sure that Google Calendar gives you the next webinar time/date, type ‘{{zap_meta_human_now}}’ into the start time field (that will give you the ‘Zap metahuman now’ that you can see in the screenshot) then hit space then type ‘+1 week’. What that does is tell the Zap that the start time should be any time from when the Zap runs, plus up to a week. 


I hope that all makes sense, let me know if you have any questions!