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Include information from Google Sheet in AWeber or any email responder

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi there,


I am new to the Zapier community and hope to find a solution for the following setup I am trying to create:


I run an Etsy shop that sells digital assets. Unlike most digital files sold on Etsy, my digital assets are unique, which means that whenver I receive an order, I send the buyer one digital asset from a depleting stock of inventory I have for that asset. An asset that has been sold to one buyer must not be given to another buyer anymore.


Since Etsy does not have a feature that would allow for a depleting stock of digital inventory, I am trying to come up with the following setup that hopefully can be made possible via Zapier:


  1. I receive an order on Etsy. This should trigger an Order Confirmation Email via AWeber (AWeber can be integrated with Etsy, that’s why I chose that app. Would probably also work with other Auto Email Responders)
  2. The Order Confirmation Email should contain the information/the digital asset the buyer has purchased
  3. I want AWeber to draw the information/the digital asset that should be included in the Order Confirmation Email from rows that I have set up in a Google Sheet
  4. After AWeber has collected that information, it would just send the Order Confirmation Email with that information to the customer as usual
  5. Whenever I receive a new order, this workflow should go one row down in the Google Sheet such that a new buyer gets a new set of information/digital asset and does not get information from a row that had already been sold


I hope I have explained this setup clearly enough. If any information is missing, I will of course give more details if questions are asked. Also, if this isn’t possible at all, I would be thankful if someone could tell me right away, so that I can look for another solution.


Thank you for your help!



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 23 September 2022, 16:34

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Hi @LowRider 

Good question.

In the GSheet you’ll need a column that indicates if the row has been used. (e.g. STATUS = TRUE/FALSE)

Then in the Zap you can use these Zap steps

Action: GSheets - Lookup Row (search for STATUS = FALSE)

Action GSheets - Update Row (e.g. change STATUS from FALSE to TRUE)

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Hi @LowRider!

Just wanted to check in to see if you’ve had a chance to try what Troy suggested. How are things going with your workflow setup?


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Hey everybody, thank you for all the answers! I have been busy moving, so I didn’t find the time to try everything out yet.


I’ll keep you updated once I have made some progress.




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@Troy Tessalone your solution worked like a charm!


Thanks again!