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  • 1 July 2023
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I have a calculator form in formidable and want to include all data submitted from the formidable form into the notes of a leadconnector opportunity.


within formidable forms when sending a confirmation email there is a [default-message] shortcode option but when selecting data from the formidable forms step in zapier I can only select individual fields i.e first name.. etc


The issue here is there are 140 fields total in the form (some which are hidden based on user input - the [default-message] which i previously used only includes what was actually filled in) 


 I am now at a stage where I have each field title new line and i now need to click the corresponding data within zapier to Insert Data …


Ideally I want to be able to add the ID of the formidable form field within zapier instead of clicking the field

  1. because some fields have the same name and it doesn’t show the actual ID so I could be mapping it to incorrect data 
  2. because there are 140 lines in this box and the ‘Insert Data..’ dropdown only shows right at the bottom

I don’t want to waste a load of time if there’s a better way to do this, any suggestions would be much appreciated

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1 reply

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Hi @bc23 

Good question.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to map each field individually in the Zap step.