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Hi Zapier Community!  

I’m trying to create a zap that works when there’s no activity in an account for example on social media or other apps for 4 days. 


How can I create it? I know I have to use google sheets as a middle process but I don’t know how. 


Thanks for the help! 

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Hi @salesconsulting 

Good question.

I’d recommend using Airtable instead of GSheets.

Airtable has Table Views.

Views have Filters. (e.g. Last Updated > 4 days ago)

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.


You’ll need to configure Zaps to log the app activity that you are monitoring in the Airtable Base Table:


You’ll need to configure other Zaps that trigger from the Airtable Views.


If you need help, consider hiring a Zapier Expert:

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Troy thanks for your answer!

Could you specify more the process or the zaps to create? 




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Hi @salesconsulting!

Personally, I would do this with Google Sheets and you would need a couple of Zaps to do it. The first Zap triggers from the social media event (eg new tweet) and sends it to the Google Sheet. The Zap will need to add the date (or date and time, depending on how specific you want to be) to the sheet.


For the second Zap:

  • Start with Schedule by Zapier. You can use that to have the Zap trigger once a day (eg at the time you want it check for social media activity). 
  • Use Google Sheets Lookup Row to find the most recent row in the sheet. Choose a column in the sheet that has the same value every time, for example you could have the first Zap always add ‘Twitter’ in a column when it adds a new row from a new Tweet. Set up the lookup step so that it looks for that value (eg Twitter) in the sheet and select the option to search from bottom up 


  • Add a Formatter by Zapier step to the Zap. Select the Date/Time action and Choose ‘Compare Dates’. Add the time from the Schedule trigger and the time of the social media post from Google Sheets into the step to compare those days. The output from that step will look like this:


Now you’ll know how many days between the Zap firing each day and the day of the last social media post!

  • Now that we’ve got all the information that we need, you’ll need to add a Filter step. ​When a filter is added to a Zap, it looks at the information coming into the filter and only allows the actions to continue if the information meets specific criteria. Set up the filter so that the Zap only continues if the ‘Output Days’ field from the Formatter step is greater than 4: 



Then you can you add whatever step you want on the end of the Zap to alert you that there’s been more than 4 days between social media posts (eg send an email/slack message/text/etc). 


@Troy Tessalone can you think of a simpler way to do it with Airtable?

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Hey Danvers! I did it and it worked! 


Thank you so much,