Importing/Sending images form Avochato to PipelineDeals Activities

  • 18 May 2020
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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is safe in these times :)

I am currently volunteering for an organization that helps the elder get groceries via deliveries from other volunteers to put them at less risk of being exposed to COVID-19. Part of the process of assisting them requires us to utilize the app Avochato to trigger additions to the “Activities” in another app (Pipeline Deals). Currently, the zaps we have in place work fine with text, but we want to be able to import images as well in the activities in PipelineDeals. We tried testing and only text can be sent from our playing around with it. Is it possible to import images as well? If so, please help! Attachment is the current zap that imports only the text from an incoming message from Avochato. 


Thanks for anyone’s help in advance!

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5 replies

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Hi @Alyssa Maui ,

Thank you for reaching out and for your efforts in assisting the elderly!

I’m not entirely sure this is possible but let’s dig in! Could you share a screenshot of your Avochato configuration (sans any personal information) and can I ask where you are hoping to pull the image from? 

Will me on the lookout for your response!

Thank you Liz! 😊 I provided the screenshot in my original post. Providing again for the applicable Zap


I hope this can be done :)

We are pulling the images from Avochato to import into Pipeline deals. In Avochato you can include attachments in message but only the text transfers over.

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@Alyssa Maui 

Can you show us how the PipelineDeals step is mapped. Thanks!

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Hi @Alyssa Maui! Were you able to get to the bottom of things with this one? I’d love to know if you were able to find a way to send the attachments 🙂