Importing Google Sheet information into Google Doc Template

  • 18 May 2020
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Here is the backstory to my questions below.

I have created a Google Doc template in my gsuite.

I have a Google Sheet that when a row is added I want Zapier to create a new Google Doc from the Google Doc Template I assign.

It creates the document and puts the document into the folder i assigned in my google drive, however, what i need assistance with is how do i get it to put the information from the sheet into the doc.


I assume it would be something like {{header column name}} but I cant figure out how to do it so that is what i need assistance with.


My question is how do i get Zappier to transfer the data in the row of the sheet into specific parts of the google doc?

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3 replies

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  1. Select Google Sheets as your trigger with new spreadsheet row as your trigger event. 
  2. Add placeholders in the google doc template {{placeholder}}
  3. Use dynamic content from Google Sheets to populate the placeholders (you can use all of the data in the row captured in Step 1)


hey @jg97  

I placed {{placeholders}} and now the file is created but the data I entered in the google sheet row does not replace the header name in the placeholders.

this is after i set the triger, (triger is add row)

 please your advice


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Hi @gash! I can see from your screenshot that the Zap wasn’t turned on when you last posted a reply. Were you testing the Google Docs step and that didn’t work? Or were you adding a new row to Google Sheets and nothing happened. 


If it’s the second of those two, you’ll need to turn on your Zap first. 


If you’re still having trouble with getting the fields from Google Sheets to populate the placeholders in the document, there’s a handy tutorial here: How to Create and Autopopulate a Google Docs Template