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  • 2 July 2020
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Hey guys, thanks for Tweeting me the other day!

I am working on automating my CMS in webflow and have tried various options over the last few days using Zapier. One collection item for example, is pulling in articles from various sources. I was originally trying this with web scrapers but they are a bit too buggy for my liking and require a lot of quality control. So now I am trying RSS, like it’s 2006.

I have tried getting articles from Feedly via Zapier - that Zap works but only partly - it doesn’t pull in the full article, only a few sentences followed by an elipsis and a link to the ‘full article first appeared on ***.com’ (perhaps a copyright kind of feature - I will of course be crediting them though).

At the moment my best option has been getting Feedly to send html files of the documents to Dropbox, then getting Zapier to put them into Webflow, however even with the formatting Zap I am unable to pull the specific fields desired, as per a normal blog ie. Main image and thumbnail (which I would usually get the direct URL for from Zapier but it isn’t working.)

So now I have decided to gather my own list of direct RSS feeds and use the RSS Zap to pull in the data - however, even with the use of the formatting Zap I can’t get all the info I need for all the fields - namely the images. I have played with the extract URL feature of formatter but it only takes the first URL and I can’t point it towards the specific image URL.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I feel I’m really close to finding a way to automate my articles. A big ramble there - I hope someone understands what I am trying to do and can help me. Would really appreciate it! Feel free to ask any questions to clarify.

Thanks so much in advance,
Harry @ No-Code Life

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3 replies

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I would love to help you with setting up that Zap, and to do that, could you please confirm that you have a valid license to re-publish the articles you’re talking about on your website? If not I’m afraid the Zap you’re trying to set up would be in violation of our Terms of Service under section (g) Prohibited Conduct.

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Hi @kieran_nocodelife!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since we didn't hear back after our last message. Can you confirm whether you have the rights to re-publish the content that you’re trying to automate with Zapier? As Justin mentioned, if you don’t then doing so via Zapier would be against our terms of service (see above). Thanks!

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Hey guys! Thank you. I do not have the rights no, and I did not know I was breaching terms of service. I have abandoned this feature now. Thank you for your promt responses though!

Harry @ NCL