import orders from magento delayed up to 30 minutes while zapier suppose to run every 15 minutes

  • 13 November 2020
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none of the tasks (orders processes from magento 1.9) are run within 15 minutes.

for example order created in magento at  2020-11-13 15:18:23 

and it task was run successfully in zapier at 2020-11-13 15:45:54

27 minutes delay

is there any thing I can do in magento to sort it out as support says something in magento is not allowing zapier to pick up the task.

many thanks


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3 replies

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My Magento trigger is triggering slowly

In order to ensure that we only trigger on new items that have complete information, your zap will make sure that a new item shows up with the same info in consecutive checks for new data. This can result in zaps triggering on new items more slowly.

Hi @Troy Tessalone,

we only check for new orders in Magento so once the order is created in Magento it is ready to be picked up by zapier. how can I disable the consecutive checks for new data?


is it something I do in Magento or zapier?

thank you for your input.

best wishes


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  • Hey @assaf_frank it looks like this is the way the zapier connection is configured. You could potentially get around some of this set up by using Webhooks
  • This plugin looks like it’s quite well rated:

You could then send a webhook when an order comes in by using a Zapier webhook trigger 

Hope that helps!