Import email and attachment from Microsoft Outlook into ConnectWise Manage

  • 22 February 2021
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The ‘Capture to ConnectWise Manage’ Outlook Add-in leaves a lot to be desired.  The email format, attachments, and email contents are nearly impossible to import into CW Manage without a ton of manual steps.  Since the programers at ConnectWise have no intent on updating this Add-in, I am left with trying to find a solution on my own.


Does anyone have any suggestions or possibly a successful process to capture these critical emails (and their entire contents) that they are willing to share?  I tried reaching out to CW Support… and saying that it was over an hour of my life that I will never get back is a gross understatement!  One would think that this functionality would be built into the core of the product… but there I go thinking again!!!


Thank you in advance for your suggestions & comments!

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5 replies

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Hi @DuckyMK!


I hope that Zapier can help you with this, though it depends on what you would like to add to ConnectWise and how you want to add it. 

You can trigger a Zap (start a workflow) that will take new emails from outlook and allow you to pass details like the email body to other apps. I’m not familiar with ConnectWise, so I’m not sure where or how you’d want to add them. 

This page will show you the different ways that you can combine ConnectWise and Outlook with Zapier: ConnectWise Manage + Microsoft Outlook Integrations


I hope that gets you pointed in the right direction. If you’re completely new to Zapier, the help guide ‘Basics of Creating Zaps’ is a great primer in the basics of how Zaps work and how to set them up 🙂


I believe that is the document that I located when first attempting to create my Zap.  Since I am new to the platform, the process flow seems to be very intuitive… however, I was unable to create a Zap that would take the new email received and pass the contents into ConnectWise.  I think that I may require some additional assistance in order for me to be confident in my Zapier skills and create the end result that I am looking for.


How do I go about setting up a call with someone to speak with regarding my goal with Zapier?

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@DuckyMK  We faced similar issues zapier sadly doesnt have the API endpoint integrated. You can do it with an API call workaround but this tricky and you need to know Rest APIs. 

Since I could not intuitively find a function to import an email & contents on this site that it would be a somewhat lengthy procedure… I am pretty familiar with Rest APIs and have programming experience.  I can follow directions very well and work on consolidating several tools together to achieve the desired result.


Whatever information that you can send over would be greatly appreciated!  This has now turned into an urgent issue that I have to resolve ASAP… one of the tools that we were previously utilizing has stopped working and the original programmers & company have ceased operations.  This has left me in an extremely tough position where I have to manually import all communication via PDF files!  This is not only time-consuming but has pulled our valuable resources from customer support to perform tasks that slow our operation to a crawl.


Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance.  I just need a little guidance and willing to do some programming to make it happen!

@Wemakefuture whatever insight you can share would be greatly appreciated!