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Import all items from Google Calendar into task list?

  • 20 March 2021
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New to both and zapier, so please excuse noob nature of this question.  I want a simple solution that will identify all events on my google calendar, and turn them into tasks on my task list - so I can see my upcoming appointments fo rthe week, and use this as a way to track time and keep my team updated.  Seems like there should be a simple zap to do this, but I’m striking out. The tests seem to work, but I only get one or two items from the calendar to populate on the task list in monday.  Advice?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 20 March 2021, 18:30

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Hi @Jenjo 

General rule of thumb, Zaps work when turned ON for new data going forward, so your use case of getting existing events will depend on what trigger you use.

Try using the GCal Event Start trigger.

Check out the available triggers/actions/searches for these apps as well as the help articles:

GCal: and

Monday: and


Thanks Troy.  Still not getting it to work quite as I’d hoped, but this helps.

Hi @Jenjo did you ever get the Google Calendar Zap to work? I am also new to and Zap and have set up most of Monday boards. 


I am trying to get the following accomplished:

-When my partner and I create an event on google calendar or have pre-existing events, we want it to update and add the item in our events board on ! 

I keep creating the zaps the same way we create trigger/action automations on but when testing it it doesnt update my board…. have you found success yet? 

Would love to connect and help each other out feel free to reply as well as add me on other social avenues:

-Ronald Marvo (LinkedIn) 

-marvolous_ronmarvo (IG) 


Look forward to connecting and helping each other get better ! 

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Hi @marvolous_ron 

To update a Monday Item you’ll need the Monday Item ID.

Unfortunately to search for Monday Items, you’d need to use the Monday API:

However, one way to potentiallly accomplish this to update the GCal Event with the Monday Item ID after the Monday Item is created, sort of like a feedback loop.

That way you can reference the Monday Item ID on the GCal Event when the GCal Event is updated.

Check out this article for how to create variables in a GCal Event that can then be later referenced in a Zap:


@Troy Tessalone thank you for the response ! 

I am new to this so please bare with me here. Since I want GCal to create the item in Monday on my events board, wouldn’t I not have an Item ID yet? 

And please correct me if I am wrong but once I’ve pulled my API code from and added it to Zapier isn’t that all that is necessary before going ahead and creating the Zap that sends items to my event board? 

I am sure I’ll have to add the board ID as well to the zap which I have turned on “developer mode” within monday to do this. 


Thanks from the API/Integrations Rookie ! 

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There is the GCal search available:


Basically you’ll have to have different Zaps and or Zaps with Paths ( to handle the different logic branches for your use cases.

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Hi @marvolous_ron!

If I’m understanding correctly (and maybe I’m not), you want to create new items in Monday when there are new events in Google Calendar. Is that right? If so, you would create a Zap like this:

Trigger: Google Calendar — New Event
Action: Monday — Create Item

Then you can refer to this help documentation from Monday to set up that action step.

You mentioned pre-existing events, but with Zapier you’ll see the events created after the Zap was turned on. We can’t import events that had already been created.